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LISTEN://kyrill.riot_bpm – die klaue [Aphthous Fever MIX]

# Artist: Kyrill – Riot BPM
# Title: Kyrill-Riot BPM – Die Klaue [Aphthous Fever MIX]
# Bitrate: 192 kbps (CBR)
# Playtime: 49 mins
# Filesize: 66.63MB

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01://Faith In Chaos – Possession [Kemal + Rob Data Remix]
02://Corrupt Souls – From The Streets
03://Mad Vibes – Flatbakers [High Speed Poet + E.Decay Remix]
04://Siren – Snorkel
05://Corrupt Souls – Racer X
06://Cern – Leapyear
07://Kemal – Mechanism
08://DJ Reality – Scalpel [Feat. Usual Suspects]
09://Donny – Crawler
10://Dom and Roland – Buy More Now
11://Dylan & Facs – Ceptor
12://Dose – Say It Again
13://Todd Terry – Black Out [Tee’s Out Mix]

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Special: Vinyl Diaries I [Dez 2010]

KRRRBPM – The Elevator Into the Dark [Death-Proved MIX] by kyrill.riot_bpm [Vinyl Diaries I]


01://TGM – Yellow Dawn [Basswerk08]
02://P-Funk – X-Panding Minds [Frontline007]
03://Hoax – Synchronicity [Shadow134]
04://Ray Keith – Da Funk Fang [UFOLP01]
05://Blue – Sensor [Noir004]
06://Hoax – Growl [Shadow134]
07://London Electricity – Song In The Key Of Knife [NHSCS3]
08://Math – Conman [Pivotal9]
09://Flytronix – Contemporary Acousticz Jam [Shadow119]
10://Biostatics – Gamma Ray [TechItch025]

Artist: Kyrill – Riot BPM
Title: KRRRBPM – The Elevator Into The Dark [Death-Proved MIX]
Bitrate: 128 kbps (CBR)
Playtime: 46 mins
Filesize: 42.29MB

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special: kyrill – riot_bpm // sudden death – mixtape

Kyrill.riot bpm – sudden death – mixtape by kyrill-riot_bpm
[edit] format c: [and] press the button…shutdown the system…copy and paste REVOLUTION…this is a takeover!!!!

kyriill-riöt.bpm – spikes‘n'bass – mixtape [Preview]

this is the first part [Side a] of the mixtape called „spikes‘n'bass“…produced by kyrill.riotbpm!
in the mix we got deep-rooted punk and d‘n'b! in an unusual manner, this mixtape shows you the analogy from crust, punk and drum and bass!
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kyrill-riöt_bpm – spikes‘n'bass-mixtape [side a]

kyrill - riot_bpm - spikes\'n\'bass - booklet
Tracklist und (mehr…)

kyrill.riot_bpm – dark rain drops – mixtape [Kaliber1210D-Load]

dark rain drops - mixtape

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