kyriill-riöt.bpm – spikes‘n'bass – mixtape [Preview]

this is the first part [Side a] of the mixtape called „spikes‘n'bass“…produced by kyrill.riotbpm!
in the mix we got deep-rooted punk and d‘n'b! in an unusual manner, this mixtape shows you the analogy from crust, punk and drum and bass!
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kyrill-riöt_bpm – spikes‘n'bass-mixtape [side a]

kyrill - riot_bpm - spikes\'n\'bass - booklet
Tracklist und


    [side a]

01://[intro] – peace or annihilation
02://jade – acid food
03://allied – age of panic
04://metöke – musik
05://rRegula – shit’s dope
06://[interlude] dead beat – homeless
07://kryptic minds & leon switch – dimensions
08://black sun empire – boris the blade (optiv rmx)
09://d.kay & sonic – hardliner
10://gomorrha – existance
11://catacomb – doom riders
12://misanthrop – defection
13://diavolo rosso – feels like…
14://dom & rymetyme – we-gee
15://bloc party – the prayer (break & silent witness rmx)

time: 43:02
size: 39,4 MB
bitrate: 128 kBit/s

[side b] COMING SOON !!!
more dj sets from dj kyrill @ kaliber1210D-load – site

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